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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Children get creative around the world

The Penan tribe in Borneo, children from Central Kalimantan Borneo, the Yawanawá tribe’s children in the Amazon and children from the UK, and around the world have started to record in art what we all stand to lose.

It’s the last chance to paint, connect, learn and change before it is too late. Please encourage all the children in your school and your own children at home to make their mark, to reflect on what’s happening and get them creating their own Amazon rainforest or Borneo rainforest piece of art for our World Gallery – the reflective space that art creates is the moment to make small but significant changes in your life to improve the outlook for us all.

Our two top tips for making a positive difference:

1. Move towards a plant-based diet Avoid fast food meat-based foods as they are destroying our rainforests rapidly. Rainforest is destroyed to farm cattle for beef and soya is grown to feed cattle and chickens around the world for fast food. This has to stop and you can help to make this happen. 2. Avoid palm oil 80% of the rainforest where orangutans live has already been destroyed. There isn’t much left and they are critically endangered. The category after critically endangered is extinct. The Last Chance to Paint team witnessed the destruction and met many orphaned orangutans. It’s the last chance for the species and the entire web of life in this part of the world.

Last Chance to Paint art workshops around the world:

Take a look at some of the workshops we have run and the awesome art the children are creating and then get your children involved in our first two chapters: ‘Person of the Forest, Borneo’ and ‘Spirit of the Rainforest, Amazon’. Help the children to build the World Gallery that will bear testament to what they all stand to lose.

Amazon Rainforest with the Yawanawá Tribe

Borneo rainforest with the Penan Tribe

Central Kalimantan, Borneo with children from Indonesia

Above: Workshop and images courtesy of the amazing Orangutan Foundation

The Eden Project in the UK

View all of the work these children have created now on the World Gallery and then submit the art from your children as soon as you can. If that is before November 22nd 2019 they will be eligible to be considered for our Zazzle Last Chance to Paint Awards.

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