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The project is open to all children aged 18 and under from all over the world to send in their art to be exhibited on our online gallery.

  • The age categories are 5 & under, 6-8, 9-12 and 13-18.

  • Children’s artwork should be specifically inspired by the chapters of our project. We can’t accept generic pieces of art not inspired by the ‘Last Chance to Paint’ live expeditions.

  • The paintings and artwork should be of an appropriate standard for their age. If for any reason this isn’t possible let us know, as we want to celebrate children of all abilities.

  • All entries should be submitted by a parent/guardian or school teacher over the age of 18.

  • We can only accept one piece of art per child for each chapter we run. Each child can have a picture in all of our chapter galleries if they wish to take part in multiple chapters. So one in ‘Person of the Forest, Borneo’ and another in ‘Spirit of the Rainforest, Amazon’ etc.

  • Pictures must be submitted as .jpg files via our online form. You must include the child’s name, age, size of the picture, title of the picture and what was used to create it in the filename of the image you upload. e.g. David Brown, age 11, Spiritual Butterfly, paint on A3 paper.jpg

  • If you are a teacher and wish to upload several pictures in one go you will find our forms are designed to allow this, please make sure the information about the child and the piece of art is contained in the file name of each image as indicated above. Please only bulk upload art in one age category at a time.

  • We will publish the information you give us that is contained within the filename of the .jpg file so please only give us information that you are happy for us to make public.

  • When sending in your work we must have a good quality image of your artwork; sharp, well-lit, straight and with your picture filling the frame.  Please crop into the image so the only thing we can see is your piece of art – no people, carpets or backgrounds please. Smartphones are a great way to photograph work as they generally have good cameras and offer basic image editing tools to crop your feet out and to improve colour. For technical reasons, only .jpg files can be accepted.

  • By uploading artwork, your email, children’s names and painting information (data) you agree that ‘Last Chance to Paint’, The John Dyer Gallery and our working partners can reproduce it online, send it to the media, broadcast it and to possibly print the art. The data uploaded will potentially be handled by The John Dyer Gallery, Last Chance to Paint, The Born Free Foundation,, Procreate, Innova Art, The Eden Project and future sponsors and partners so that we can keep in touch, announce award winners, send out awards and promote ‘Last Chance to Paint’.

  • All pictures will be moderated and we reserve the right to refuse entry if we feel a piece of work is unsuitable in content or quality or doesn’t fit with our chapters. This could be for a number of reasons including poor photography, if the image has been obviously traced, or if it includes copyright material.

  • If your work doesn’t arrive with us then we will be unable to display it – you should see your work on our online gallery within 30 days of submitting it. If it isn’t there please send it again or contact us.

  • We intend to publish all of the entries that meet our terms and conditions online, but if for any reason this is not possible a selection will be chosen for display.

  • You can post us your artwork and we will then scan it and upload it for you, however, please be aware you are responsible for any postage costs and we will be unable to return your work to you.  If you would like to post your artwork the address is: The John Dyer Gallery, P.O Box 285, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 9AD. United Kingdom.

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