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A Unique Sponsorship Opportunity
Partner with us to enable the next chapter of Last Chance To Paint

Your sponsorship will enable us to inspire even more children worldwide to connect personally to the environment to create a better future for us all.

 Over 400 schools in 32 countries follow us 



Exclusive access to the assets created by the project you headline

Sunset Lions, Kenya 12 x 12 inches acryl


We discover and provide a fantastic story for you to tell to your audience.



Blogs, interviews, video, photos and paintings to use online

IMG_4094 2.jpeg


Engage your audience in the project to demonstrate the ethos of your business


Sponsor an expedition, named after your company, and gain exclusive & unique content & stories for your audience 

Last Chance to Paint offers a unique opportunity to showcase your environmental ethos and educational spirit to your audience. It creates amazing content for online, social and print applications. The world class assets, that the project you sponsor generates, are available for you to use freely. Previous sponsors ‘Procreate – Spirit of the Rainforest' and ‘Innova Art Person of the Forest’ have used our unique assets for exhibition stands, web sites, blog posts, social media interactions, magazine articles, interviews and corporate reports.

Innova Art, the headline sponsor for the ‘Innova Art Person of the Forest’ chapter, used many images of John Dyer’s paintings and the photos created during the project for a series of exhibition stands in France to promote their product range.


“Innova Art was delighted to sponsor Last Chance to Paint: Person of the Forest. Experiencing John’s passion for the project and seeing the chapter come to life online was truly inspiring. Showing prints of paintings and photos from Borneo at trade events has also instigated some very interesting conversations.”

“Procreate was proud to sponsor Last Chance to Paint for Spirit of the Rainforest. Working with John was a delight and seeing the work created out of the amazon on Procreate and hearing the stories to go along with each piece was really special for us and compelling for our online community.”


Rohan have been making world class technical clothing for nearly 50 years and we provided unique opportunities for the company to tell its story through our projects.


Rohan provide clothing for the team and we have showcased that clothing in the most challenging conditions in Africa and the Amazon and Borneo rainforests creating blog posts and catalogue articles.


Savage Interactive from Tasmania make the #1 app for iPad - Procreate. As the headline sponsor of our first chapter 'Procreate - Spirit of the Rainforest' the company had complete access to our team and all the assets to use for marketing, social media, exhibition and product awareness. We showcased their app being used in the rainforest and also took over their social media for live sessions with their followers.


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Being able to demonstrate their microphone technology in unique and challenging conditions has created amazing social and blog material for Samson.


Samson commissioned a professional writer from New York to interview artist John Dyer and provided the project with all the audio equipment needed to create professional video in challenging conditions.


Iridium are a leading provider of mobile satellite communication systems and sent an Iridium GO! mobile unit with the Last Chance to Paint team deep into the Amazon and Borneo rainforests. Iridium kept the team connected to the world, all of our schools and provided an essential level of safety through this technology which literally fits in a shirt pocket. We provided Iridium with unique blog and photo opportunities to tell their story.

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