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Is it free for schools or home educators to take part?

Yes! ‘Last Chance to Paint’ aims to be a hub for inspiration and creativity and we will do our part if you do yours and there is no charge to take part, interact or submit children’s art to be exhibited in the World Gallery. We are planning to ignite children’s passion for the environment and inspire them for free!


Will the live projects be in term time?

Yes! We will always plan the projects to run during the term time so that schools can benefit from them.

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Do you have dates for each of the upcoming projects?

Yes! We will be updating the Expedition Chapters page with dates for the chapters as they are confirmed. The pandemic has caused us difficulties and expeditions are on hold for the moment.

Awavana 24 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas

Is the project open to schools and children from all over the world?

Yes! Although we are based in the UK this is an international project and we connect many nationalities together through art. Schools from all over the world are welcome to take part and when we work in remote tribal communities we will encourage the children from the tribes to also take part to bond children together through creativity – our universal shared language.

Sunset Lions, Kenya 12 x 12 inches acryl

I'm a teacher and need teaching resources to run this, can you help?

Yes! We have amazing teaching resources available for Key Stage 2 but they can be used to inspire other age groups. You will find the resources on each expedition chapter page.

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