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Every school or class that engages with ‘Last Chance to Paint’ could host their own art exhibition of the resulting work and invite parents in for a special private view to celebrate the children, their art and the world. An external audience is a great motivator for children.

We want to really inspire children with our projects. We hope they will make their very best pieces of art for the ‘World Gallery’ and that they will be proud to see their art exhibited alongside the work of other children from all over the world. We intend to keep the work online so that as the children grow up they can reflect on their experience and visit their art online. If they invest their time and make their very best work then it will be something to celebrate and be proud of for years to come. I want all of the children who take part to keep their original pieces of art to celebrate at home and to remind them of their new connections to the environment. As their artwork fades on the fridge door and they grow older it will help to keep their bonds and connections vividly alive in their minds and will hopefully remind them to tread gently on the earth with their actions and lifestyle.”

John Dyer

John Dyer’s top tips for creating art:

John Dyer’s top tips for creating digital art:

John Dyer’s top tips for painting lions (or any other subject)

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