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What to expect during a webinar

Our webinars are an introduction to Last Chance to Paint. We use art to engage children with the environment. Our webinars offer an interactive Q&A and allow children to meet & paint with John Dyer. The webinars are not a 'paint by numbers' approach or a detailed instruction in painting techniques. We try to spark an individual creative response to the world by connecting children to the environment using art and to show how dynamic painting can be. After a webinar we encourage teachers to continue by exploring the full expedition chapter as a class project, so each child can create a final piece of art that is unique to them. So if you follow our Amazon rainforest expedition a child might want to do a final painting based on spiritual butterflies, the tribe, snakes, trees etc. Each child's painting should be about what has inspired that individual. Please take the time to submit the final pieces of art to our World Gallery so that each child's art bears witness to what we all risk losing.

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Daily video, blog and Q&A for your class from 27th February to 8th March

Paint the African Savanah with John Dyer

Curriculum Links: Art & Science

Suggested age-range

Suitable for all schools and ages.

Teaching resources are available now for KS2.

Join artists John Dyer, and Joanne Short with the Born Free team live in Kenya from 27th February to 8th March.

We will be taking your questions every day and answering them in our daily blog and daily video release so your children can feel involved and they can 'travel' with us, learn, paint and connect.

Please find out more on the expedition chapter page, which will be updated with details on how to follow us daily.

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Thursday 2nd March at 6pm (GMT)


John Dyer Live in Kenya

For teachers, wildlife supporters and families with their children

Join us online for a night with artist John Dyer, live from Kenya, hosted by actor & Born Free Patron Dan Richardson.


Find out more about the Last Chance To Paint project, Born Free’s work in Amboseli National Park, and the fantastic people and animals John has and will meet along the way at the midpoint of his African expedition.

Teachers can bring questions from their class to the event and encourage their children to attend from home with their families to get them all involved in the conservation & climate change conversation.


17x22 (24x24) Paxiti.jpg


June 7th 2023 at 1.30 pm UK time

Your class can paint along with John Dyer as he paints the Amazon

Paint the Amazon Rainforest with John Dyer

Curriculum Links: Art & Science

Suggested age range: KS1 & KS2

Join Born Free to meet artist John Dyer, the founder of Last Chance To Paint. Ask John questions about art, the environment, tribes and wildlife. Watch as John paints the rainforest on his iPad that we screen share with your class so they can paint and learn alongside the artist and the Born Free team.

Have paper and paints ready so that your children can paint along with John Dyer. The painting session will start immediately the webinar starts.

Please ensure your camera and microphone are off and that participating children are in the presence of an adult throughout.


The session will be recorded.


Missed a webinar? Use our replays to inspire your children