We are using art to connect children to the environment & creating a World Gallery of their art highlighting what we all stand to lose

By connecting children personally to endangered environmental subjects through our interactive adventures deep bonds and learning can take place. Schools & educators can sign up now to this extraordinary FREE project aimed at children all over the world.




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Children and Schools are invited to ‘travel’ with the Eden Project’s artist in residence, John Dyer and musician Martha-Lilly Dyer. We are exploring endangered plants, peoples, places and animals using visual art and music to connect children to these subjects in memorable ways so they become aware of what we stand to lose.

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Ask Questions

Using the internet and satellite links your children can ask questions during the expeditions.

Join us ‘LIVE’ from around the world

Elsa Rodgers, aged 10, Ohhh-rangutang.

Create & Exhibit

Art is a universal language that can connect people and creates a reflective space for questioning and learning. We want children to not only ‘travel’ with us but to create their own piece of art inspired by our journeys to be exhibited in the WorldGallery.online alongside John Dyer’s art and art created by indigenous children from around the world.

The reflective space created whilst making a piece of art is the moment children will bond to the subject, learn & care

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Downloadable teaching resources (easily adaptable to different age groups but written for KS2) are available/planned for each chapter. ‘Last Chance to Paint’ is FREE for schools and home educators to take part in. Join in with over 220 schools from all over the world who are taking part

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“Inspirational, I have never had a class so inspired to create art and to do something to help to protect the environment.”

Send us your children’s art inspired by our Last Chance to Paint chapters to exhibit in the WorldGallery so they connect to and record what they stand to lose.

John Dyer and Nixiwaka Yawanawá exhibition of rainforest paintings now on at The Eden Project.

We were ‘LIVE’ from the Amazon in June 2019. Deliver this amazing project to your school now using our unique resources.

‘Spirit of the Rainforest’

‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ with the Yawanawá tribe deep in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Proudly Sponsored By Procreate

We were ‘LIVE’ from Borneo in September 2019. Deliver this amazing project to your school now using our unique resources.

‘Person of the Forest’

‘Person of the Forest’ with the Penan tribe and Orangutans in the Borneo Rainforest

Proudly Sponsored by Innova Art

“Planet Earth is in trouble. Peoples, plants, animals and environments are being lost at an alarming rate. Your children can engage with our completed and inspiring expeditions and also ‘Travel’ with the ‘Last Chance to Paint’ team on our future expeditions. Through art, they will make personal connections to the world so they choose to tread gently as they grow. We can help to change the world, one painting at a time.”


In 2020 we have plans to be ‘LIVE’ from Africa painting elephants, lions and rhinos in Kenya with the Born Free Foundation!

‘Precious Africa’

‘Precious Africa’ the last two Northern White Rhinos on planet earth


Submit your children’s art by 22nd November 2019

We have Art Awards for each chapter of the project so we can celebrate the best art submitted to the WorldGallery


If you submit your children’s art by our deadlines then they will automatically be entered into our Art Awards to potentially be awarded one of our amazing prizes from Zazzle.co.uk

“John Dyer is doing absolutely fantastic work. Not just in awareness, but I really like his paintings and how he is making art and sustainability a joint activity which can unite people.”

Dr. Heleen de Coninck, Radboud University and co-author of reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

What is Last Chance to Paint all about?

We all know that our planet is in trouble. Species are becoming extinct, the coral is dying, the oceans are full of plastic and the forests (the lungs of the planet) are being destroyed and tribal people, the best and original ‘conservationists’ are being displaced from their lands – so what can we do about it?

We can give up using our plastic straws and, perhaps use a reusable coffee cup instead of accepting a disposable one; but, will that make enough of a difference? John believes that the solution will rely on the next generation – their children and (hopefully, one day) their grandchildren. For the children of the world to solve the crisis, they need to understand what is going on – not just at a conceptual level but at a deep and personal level that may encourage the future CEOs and business leaders to think carefully about the decisions they will make.

John’s art is inspiring and uplifting and has the potential to make real and lasting connections between environmental issues and students if we encourage those students to really start thinking about the problems, allow them to ask questions and to research and connect to the world. Once the next generation is connected with the issues and start to continue that journey of exploration themselves we can really start to solve the current problems as they will be empowered and motivated to do so.

The IPCC issued their ‘Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C’ in 2018 and it gave us 12 years to limit the damage of climate change and to hopefully stop a catastrophe. That is now in only 10 years, 10 months and 25 days. We can do it, but we need to build real connections and reasons into individual’s lives to empower them to make smart and informed choices so they tread gently on the planet and it needs to start today.


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The art project opening pupils’ eyes to climate change

Join us on our journey of discovery Scroll down to see some of the areas that could provide inspiration for 'Last Chance to Paint'.

1. Sea Ice - Arctic and Antarctic

1. Sea Ice - Arctic and Antarctic

The thawing sea ice puts pressure on walruses, polar bears and penguins.

2. Orangutans

2. Orangutans

Loss of habitat and changing weather patterns in Borneo are causing problems.

3. Amazon Rainforest

3. Amazon Rainforest

The rainforest and tribal people are under pressure.

4. Coral Reefs

4. Coral Reefs

Across the world, coral reefs (‘the rainforests of the sea’) are dying.

5. Butterflies, Bees and Crops

5. Butterflies, Bees and Crops

Climate change and habitat destruction puts pressure on pollinators and food crops,

6. People of La Paz, Maldives, Kiribati

6. People of La Paz, Maldives, Kiribati

Water shortages from retreating glaciers in Bolivia; island nations suffer from sea level rise.

7. Sea Turtles

7. Sea Turtles

Rising sea levels and temperature is putting turtles under threat.

8. Pangolins

8. Pangolins

Loss of habitat and poaching is pushing the only scaled mammel to extinction.

9. African ecosystems

9. African ecosystems

Plants and animals are struggling; glaciers are retreating on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

10. Galapagos Islands ecosystem

10. Galapagos Islands ecosystem

Water currents could be interrupted, damaging biodiversity.

11. Madagascar

11. Madagascar

Cyclones, powered by climate change, are damaging ecosystems and people.

12. Red Pandas

12. Red Pandas

As the climate changes, red pandas have to adapt and are now vulnerable.

Above: iPad drawings by John Dyer using ‘Procreate’. Digital art can be a wonderful way to create and draw and we would love to see examples of children’s digital art on the gallery using these new techniques.

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expert working partners The Eden project and the born free foundation


The Eden Project, an educational charity, connects us with each other and the living world exploring how we can work towards a better future. Eden was built as a symbol of optimism showing what can be done when people work together and with nature and shares stories of hope to inspire people to get involved in tackling some of today’s environmental challenges.

The Eden Project


Established in 1984, Born Free opposes the exploitation of wild animals in captivity and campaigns to Keep Wildlife in the Wild. Promoting Compassionate Conservation, Born Free also aims to enhance the survival of threatened species in the wild and protect natural habitats while respecting the needs, and safeguarding the welfare of individual animals – for their own intrinsic value and for the critical roles they play within the natural world.

Born Free Foundation

  • "What I particularly like about artist John Dyer is that he takes very serious subjects and handles them with a lightness of touch which makes people not feel they are being preached at or made to feel as if they are guilty as sin or that we are necessarily going to hell in a handcart today, but there is always a slight warning that it might happen tomorrow."

    Sir Tim Smit, KBE.
    Co-founder of the Eden Project, Executive Vice Chair of Eden Project Ltd and Executive Chairman of Eden Project International Ltd.
  • “John is an artist who reaches the parts that many other artists cannot.”

    Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, DL.
  • “John's brave use of colour and broad truthful brushstrokes make a direct hit on the retina.”

    Toyah Willcox
  • "Wonder with a message."

    Dea Birkett
    Founder of Kids in Museums, journalist and writer
  • "John's pictures are all about diversity and bringing out what might pass unseen."

    Carlotte Lusty
    Global Crop Trust
  • "I have always had immense respect for anyone who chooses to take time to interpret our world for us through painting, and feel especially privileged to have hosted such an inspired artist."

    Kim Wilde
  • "John's Spirit of the Rainforest paintings introduced us to a new genre of art."

    Robin Hanbury-Tenison, FRGS, OBE
  • "John's paintings can connect the children to the rainforest. The children are the future."

    Nixiwaka Yawanawá
    Amazon Indian from the Yawanawá tribe in Brazil
  • "The natural world is in danger and climate change is a real threat. Let’s take this last chance to change direction and harness the fun and engagement of art, dovetail it with science, and inspire our children to do better than we have done."

    John Dyer, FRGS
    Artist in residence for the Eden Project
  • "We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the destruction of life on the planet. It is, perhaps, our duty to equip the next generation with both the tools and the motivation to be able to make a real difference"

    Dr David Ashe
    Learning Scientist and Research fellow - University of Sydney, Australia
  • “John Dyer is doing absolutely fantastic work. Not just in awareness, but I really like his paintings and how he is making art and sustainability a joint activity which can unite people.”

    Dr. Heleen de Coninck
    Radboud University and co-author of reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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