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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Better safe than sorry!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

As the dates of the live ‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ project in the Amazon Rainforest creep steadily closer, the Last Chance to Paint team is making various efforts to forward plan. With sponsors on board, flights booked, and equipment on the road to being complete there is real excitement amongst us.

Unfortunately, travelling doesn’t come without slight drawbacks and as is essential for most remote travel, vaccinations have been required. We were informed that Typhoid, Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus, and Rabies would be advisable for us to be vaccinated against due to the number of potential risks we may encounter on our travels. Although Yellow Fever is rife in the area of Brazil we are headed to (the Acre region), it is not needed to enter the country therefore not critical. However, due to the horrific ways that the disease manifests itself, as a team, we decided that it was essential for our safety, especially as we will be venturing into rainforest which could take us up to 24hrs away from medical experts. The Yellow fever vaccine also happens to last a lifetime meaning that for future travel we will not require another one, making it more desirable especially for John who had already has his on a previous adventure in 1989. Having filled in numerous forms and answered what felt like endless questions the vaccines were prepared and with only small winces of pain from the team, were administered. We were given 5 each all in one go, which although painful, in the long run will be very beneficial to our well being.

Having never experienced this amount of vaccinations in one sitting it was therefore not surprising that neither John nor myself were able to move without considerable aches and pains in our arms. Although vaccinations are painful, they are essential to safe travel and the Last Chance to Paint team, as reluctant as we are to have achy limbs, would always advise being safe rather than sorry.

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