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Proudly supported by the Born Free Foundation

Image by Julie Wolpers


Precious Africa

Our next 'live' adventure is planned to be in Kenya, Africa. When we are in Kenya we will be posting a new video for each day of the expedition so that your children can 'travel' with us. We will answer questions from your children in our daily videos for them too.
Make your mark - Painting Lions (8.5 minutes)

John Dyer talks us through his process of painting lions in Kenya from his studio.




We travel with portable state of the art satellite systems that we keep charged with fold up solar panels and solar powered battery packs. We use one system from Immarsat for video and one from Irridium that we used for our blogs. We try to shoot short bursts of video on an iPhone during the day and then edit the footage on the iPhone in the evening before 99% compressing it (it is super expensive to use satellite), and then connect to our satellite basestation to upload the video to our streaming service. It's quite difficult to get it all working and to line the satellite base station up with a satellite in orbit, and to get enough power to keep it all running is sometimes almost impossible! The videos on this page have been replaced by the full resolution versions, but when we are 'live' you will receive highly compressed versions, but they are super exciting as they are released each day of the adventure.

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