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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Videos from the rainforest

If all goes to plan (technically) this latest post will be live on our site at about 10.47am and this is how we will give you all a notification that a new video is about to be released online.

The plan is for us to record highlights from each day in the rainforest and to create a 5 minute video that we will share with you. The video will be 99% compressed to reduce its size and then we will upload it to a re-streaming site to go live first thing in the morning UK time – we think around 9am would work for schools. Once the video is streaming it will appear to be ‘live’ and can be watched ‘live’ on the links below:

Watch live with one of these options:

Our Facebook group: (You need to be a member to access this but you can request to join)

N.B. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel it will send you an alert when the video is actually live.

If you miss the ‘live’ video you will need to catch up with it here:

Ask us questions:

If you would like to ask the team or the Yawanawá tribe questions, so we can answer in our next video or blog, please use this form:

Hopefully, this system will make sure we keep you all informed without too many technical issues. Fingers crossed!

John Dyer.

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