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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

The magic begins

‘Last Chance to Paint’ and John Dyer’s previous paintings of the Amazon rainforest and tribal culture are continuing to inspire and create opportunities for schools all over the UK and beyond to connect their children to tribal culture, the environment, animals, insects and plants in really creative and special ways.

In the last month, we have been made aware of several more schools around the UK who are already actively engaged in artwork connected to the project which is fantastic to see.

Whitestone Infant school have been doing printmaking by creating rollers and printing plates to create rainforest leaves, all inspired by the art of John Dyer and the rainforest.

They have also been involving literacy with their art and as part of their ‘take one picture project’. Year one enjoyed using noun phrases to describe a fantastic piece of artwork by John Dyer,  Kênê – At one with Nature.

Whitehouse Primary School has been really getting creative with lots of John Dyer inspired Amazon tribal paintings and the work they are doing looks amazing. It’s great to see lots of paint being used in a school and good sized pieces of paper and canvas too. You can see in the photographs below that the children have been given printouts of John Dyer’s Amazon rainforest paintings to inspire them

Lewes Old Grammar Junior School in West Sussex have also been getting arty. The Year 4’s have been studying the rainforest artwork of John Dyer and Amazon Indian Nixiwaka Yawanawá as part of their Rainforest topic. They then worked as a group to create their own mixed media Rainforest artwork which looks amazing!

Croxby Primary in Hull have also been hard at work with team Panda creating some fabulous rainforest pictures in the style of artist John Dyer and they tweeted out these photos of the children starting their work.

And Queens Park school Merseyside have also been really busy creating rainforest art inspired by artist John Dyer and Henri Rousseau and working towards their Artsmark awards.

We will be showcasing schools and classes who are working on ‘Last Chance to Paint’ on our blog and social media as we are made aware of them, so please do share any work that your school is engaged in so we can celebrate it with you.

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