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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Teachers and home educators – we have your lessons all planned for you!

Calling all teachers and home educators to take a look at the amazing teaching resources we have created for the Procreate sponsored ‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ first chapter of ‘Last Chance to Paint’.

The Born Free Foundation’s education team has worked with musician Martha-Lilly Dyer and artist John Dyer to create these in-depth, colourful, educational and fun lessons and made them available for FREE to all schools to use or adapt. They are specifically designed for the UK KS2 but are easily adapted.

John Dyer has created two videos to accompany these resources which should play from the power point pages or by viewing the art inspiration tab on this page.

There are 5 lessons in total for the first chapter and extensive teaching notes too – we have basically planned your entire next half term of work for you!

  1. Lesson 1 Is all about the Yawanawá tribe

  2. Lesson 2 Is all about rainforest plants

  3. Lesson 3 Is all about the wildlife in the rainforest

  4. Lesson 4 Is designed to help your children connect with the team when they are live in Brazil

  5. Lesson 5 focuses on creating artwork and has two videos by John Dyer embedded to inspire your children too

  6. And we have extensive teaching notes too

All of the lessons are available to download FOR FREE now and will download as Powerpoint documents.

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