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Last Chance to paint with Artist John Dyer presents a unique opportunity for both teachers and students to engage with interesting, exciting and motivating challenges. As John travels around our planet seeing some of the unusual and endangered peoples, animals and plants, we can travel with John and use the adventures as material to engage students in cross-curricular activities. Dr David Ashe will be travelling with John and will be focusing on how ‘art’ (using John Dyer’s paintings as illustrations) can be used as a tool to enable school students to make deep connections with subject matter.

These events will, no doubt, be challenging – not just for John and David as they travel to some remote places, but to all those who travel with them through the use of digital tools (using the internet). Students will be challenged to think, to question, to paint (or to draw or to collage or to use their own choice of artistic medium) and to think through their own ideas, intuitions, feelings, knowledge about the planet. Through this there will be learning opportunities – in the area of Art and also in, for example, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies, Human Development…

Teachers will also be challenged.

What does it mean to teach?
How do students place focus?
What is knowledge?
How do our students make sense of knowledge?
How can we equip our students with the skills to evaluate knowledge?

For the past seven years, Dr David Ashe has been researching ‘Epistemic Challenges’ – These are challenges presented to students about the origin, structure and use of knowledge. By presenting students with epistemic challenges, they appear better able to evaluate both their own knowledge and knowledge that is new (to them). Students may then notice conflicts in their knowledge and sort these out for themselves – leading to deeper understanding.

David’s research on epistemic challenges will form the basis for the topics covered in the Continuing Professional Development centred around John Dyer’s Last Chance to Paint adventures.

Included in the course will be:
Course notes
Reading materials
Lesson plans
Physical resources

along with priority access to John Dyer and David Ashe both while they are travelling and to their on-line resources.

There will be a cost involved in taking part in the Professional Development part of Last Chance to Paint. However, it is envisaged that this will be low – it will be to cover expenses. Professional Development is an integral part of Last Chance to Paint; but, it has not been designed as a revenue generating tool. We will have a limited number of places available for school teachers and their students; once these places have been filled other schools and students will be able to join Last Chance to Paint but they will not have access to the Professional Development materials.

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