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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Safe water – LifeStraw

We are busily packing ready for the first chapter of Last Chance to Paint which is ‘Procreate – Spirit of the Rainforest 2’. Procreate are the headline sponsors of this chapter and they make the #1 art app for iPhone and iPad and I will be creating lots of digital paintings during the adventure to the Amazon.

To help to keep the team well we have some amazing pieces of equipment and these LifeStraw bottles are a key part of that.

When I originally travelled to the Amazon in 1989 I used iodine to kill any nasties in the water; it worked but it tasted bad and does have an impact on your thyroid if you are not careful. Today technology has advanced and we can now put river water in these bottles and drink clean water out of the spout, amazing!!

The bottles remove 99.999999%, basically 100%, of all bacteria and protozoa, and they also improve the colour and taste of the water.

We will let you know how we get on with the bottles but fingers crossed we won’t go thirsty in the Amazon.

More details of the journey soon.

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Send your questions to us whilst we are travelling by clicking here. Your family, children and school can interact and ‘travel’ with us. We will answer in our blog posts.

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