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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Practiced and Packed!

With just a couple of days before we head off to the Amazon, we’ve really had to knuckle down with the last minute purchases and packing up all of our kit.

As you can see from the photo, the packing list is rather extensive and we have had to really limit our personal items to allow room for any equipment and art supplies. We also have had to take care that we don’t go over the weight allowance on any of our flights.

If you didn’t see the live footage yesterday of me (Martha-Lilly Dyer) practicing my flute the piece ‘Yuxi Yuve’ in preparation for performing to the Yawanawa tribe next week then go and check it! You can find it on our Last Chance to Paint YouTube channel and Facebook page.

We are so excited about travelling on Monday and being able to bring you all of our adventures via this blog and our Facebook page. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to get alerts when we are active!

See you in the rainforest

Martha-Lilly x

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