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Playing Flute in the Rainforest

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We have just returned from our amazing ‘Spirit of the Rainforest 2’ chapter of ‘Last Chance to Paint’ where we painted and played music with the Yawanawá tribe in the Amazon rainforest. We have had so many experiences and have lots to share with you all.

One of the highlights of our time in the rainforest was being able to connect with the Yawanawá people using music. Composer Jake Thorpe wrote a new piece of flute music inspired by my painting ‘Yuxi Yuve’ which is a depiction of the Yawanawá’s water spirit. My daughter Martha-Lilly Dyer performed this beautiful new piece of music in the rainforest and also in the small Yawanawá school for the children to hear whilst they painted their ‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ pictures. The music was transformative, there was a real sense of the forest tuning into the sounds and accompanying the music. In school, it created a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. Nixiwaka Yawanawá suddenly exhaled and said he could breathe, he felt relaxed and at one with nature. The video is mixed with images of my latest piece of art based on ‘Yuxi Yuve’. Created using the iPad app Procreate, who are the headline sponsors of ‘Spirit of the Rainforest 2’ I hope my drawings and the music will help to transport you to the rainforest and connect to the Yawanawá people.

Yuxi Yuve is a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, down which water cascades, forging a link connecting the Spirit with all the rivers and everything that is supported in and by the water. She is the Lady of the Waters and is a powerful spirit that looks after all the living things, plants, animals and fish that inhabit the river. She appears in visions to the Yawanawá when they have a ceremony that invokes her force in order to teach them about the spiritual forces that live in the water. She connects the world of the river to the tribe showing its importance to their life as part of nature.” Nixiwaka Yawanawá This recording of my composition for flute, ‘Yuxi Yuve’, is performed in the Amazon Rainforest by Martha-Lilly Dyer as part of the Last Chance to Paint project. It’s been really enjoyable to compose a piece for the project based on the Yawanawá tribe’s water spirit and the painting ‘Yuxi Yuve’ by artist John Dyer. It’s a bit different to my usual compositions but I hope you enjoy the piece as well as the video of Martha-Lilly performing in the rainforest.” Jake Thorpe
Last week I had the incredible opportunity, whilst taking part in Last Chance to Paint, to perform this incredible piece of new flute music, ‘Yuxi Yuve’, by Jake Thorpe. The music is based on the Yawanawá’s Amazonian water spirit and inspired by the painting ‘Yuxi Yuve’ by my father John Dyer. Performing it both to the school children of the Yawanawá and in the Amazon rainforest was amazing!! In the school everyone relaxed, breathed and listened. It was beautiful. Playing in the rainforest was amazing with all the sounds of the insects and birds creating a musical backing to my playing. Butterflies flew past and landed on me too! I hope you enjoy my performance.” Martha-Lilly Dyer

Above: Martha-Lilly Dyer performing in the Amazon rainforest

Above: Martha-Lilly Dyer performing flute to the Yawanawá children at the school in Mutum in the Amazon Rainforest

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