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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Great Art from Great Sankey High School in Warrington, UK

We LOVE hearing from the schools following our Last Chance to Paint chapters and to see all the art the children are creating.

Lorna Philcock, the head of art and textiles at Great Sankey High School, recently made contact to give us a glimpse of the children’s working process and their thoughts on taking part in Last Chance to Paint.

Our lovely year 8’s have been very busy researching, designing and painting for the online World Gallery exhibition. I’ve attached some of their pieces of work in progress and the final paintings. This has been a fantastic opportunity for our year 8 learners to take part in a global exhibition. Showcasing how powerful creativity can be in highlighting the dangers our planet faces every day by our own actions. Creativity, global community, pride, compassion and education, this project has it all!

Great Sankey High School now have a wonderful exhibition of the children’s art on our and they sent a few examples of work in progress and then the final pieces. I think that their art is absolutely stunning!

The children made some amazing comments about Last Chance to Paint.

It’s incredible how creativity can send a powerful, important message. Natasha
This project is great for expressing creativity and technique. Jaime

I love that this project gives our generation the opportunity to educate ourselves about the world and how we can stop global warming and raise awareness. Bex

You’ve made me realise the importance of changing young minds to know how to save the rainforest. Imogen

You have highlighted the importance of the animals and wildlife. Dan

I believe that this project shows a new perspective of the natural beauty of the Amazon rainforest. Owen

John Dyer’s project inspires us to use a range of skills in our artwork and Express ourselves. Ruby

This project is a great way to spread awareness of the impacts of global warming, while showing the beauty of the rainforest through Art. Megan

If you would like a blog about your school and the work you have been doing on our project, then please do contact us as we would love to feature you and celebrate all your work.

Keep safe and remember that Last Chance to Paint makes a perfect #lockdown project for schools, families, or distance learning.

Keep safe and keep creating!

John Dyer

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