Upcoming projects Starting in 2019

Spirit of the Rainforest 2

Tribal people are the guardians of the rainforest all over the world. Their culture and way of life is extraordinary. Artist John Dyer will work alongside Amazon Indian artist Nixiwaka Yawanawá painting in the tribe and will be painting the Amazon rainforest spirits, the rainforest plants and animals and finding out what makes the tribe such an essential part of the health of our planet.

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Precious Africa

With Rhino horn being more valuable, in terms of money, than gold or diamond, a terrible pressure has been placed on this amazing animal. Only two Northern White Rhinos now remain on planet earth. This is literally a ‘Last Chance to Paint’ project and one that we hope will connect many young people to the precious animals and ecosystems of Africa.

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Person of the Forest, Borneo

The name orangutan literally means ‘person of the forest’. The explosion of palm oil production in Borneo and other tropical countries is having a huge impact on wildlife. John Dyer and Dr David Ashe will travel to Borneo to see the orangutans and find out what pressures these ‘people’ are under. Painting orangutans and the rainforest in Borneo will provide an amazing opportunity to engage in a whole range of environmental issues and exciting environments.

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