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Our Next Adventure is in Borneo!

Person of the Forest, Borneo
Live from Borneo from 6th to 18th September 2019

The name orangutan literally means ‘person of the forest’. The explosion of palm oil production in Borneo and other tropical countries is having a huge impact on wildlife but it has also put huge pressure on tribal people whose lives are being devastated. John Dyer will travel to meet the Penan people and to explore their art and culture before meeting orangutans who have been displaced from the forests. Painting in the rainforest of Borneo will provide an amazing opportunity to engage in the culture and knowledge of the Penan tribe and will help to build respect for tribal people and the rainforest.

Submit your children’s art inspired by this chapter before November 22nd 2019 for it to be considered for an award.

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Spirit of the Rainforest
We have returned from the Amazon - use our amazing resources to inspire your class

Tribal people are the guardians of the rainforest all over the world. Their culture and way of life is extraordinary. Artist John Dyer will work alongside Amazon Indian artist Nixiwaka Yawanawá painting in the tribe and will be painting the Amazon rainforest spirits, the rainforest plants and animals and finding out what makes the tribe such an essential part of the health of our planet.

Submit your children’s art inspired by this chapter before November 22nd 2019 for it to be considered for an award.

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Precious Africa
Currently being planned

With Rhino horn being more valuable, in terms of money, than gold or diamond, a terrible pressure has been placed on this amazing animal. Only two Northern White Rhinos now remain on planet earth and many species are now under threat. This is literally a ‘Last Chance to Paint’ project and one that we hope will connect many young people to the precious animals, people and ecosystems of Africa. We are also planning to meet school children from Kenya and to engage them in painting and drawing, to learn their culture and to build bonds and knowledge.

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The Land of the Midnight Sun, Arctic
Currently being planned

Climate change is showing its strongest impact at the poles with huge rises in temperature and rapidly changing habitats. Svalbard is a Norwegian archipelago between Norway and the North Pole and is home to polar bears, reindeer and arctic foxes. In the summer the sunshines for 24hrs a day. The Global Seed Vault is in Svalbard and was built here to house the world’s largest collection of crop diversity in case we need to replant the world. The rapidly changing climate has created issues for not only the animals and plants in the region but also for the seed vault. An exploration of global harvests, the diversity of seeds, the wildlife and the amazing landscape of the arctic.


Island of Ghosts, Madagascar
Currently being planned

Climate change will force most of Madagascar’s wild lemurs to move their territory over the next 70 years. The Lemurs of Madagascar make haunting territorial calls that once reminded people of ghosts or spirits living in the forest and the word Lemur means ‘ghost’ in Latin.  80% of the habitat Lemurs once lived in has already been destroyed. We will travel to Madagascar to paint the Lemurs and their amazing habitat and to also search for another ‘ghost’ which is a crocosmia flower that has never been painted or photographed before. The flower was last recorded in 1904 in a village in Madagascar and one pressed specimen can be seen in a museum in Paris.



Where will we travel to? There are many potential locations for 'Last Chance to Paint' and we are busily researching and working on a whole series of exciting potential adventures for schools to join us on between 2019 and 2023.

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