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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Getting to the Amazon!

In 2 weeks time, our epic adventure to the Yawanawá tribe in the Amazon Rainforest will begin. As one might expect the travel there isn’t going to be easy or quick, in fact in total the journey to the tribal village of Mutum will take around 40hrs.

Our long, exciting journey begins in Falmouth, Cornwall the location of John Dyer’s art studio and where all the preparations are currently underway in anticipation for the adventure ahead. This will take us on a 6hr train ride to London Heathrow where we will be able to board our first flight.

Flight number 1 will see us surely across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami. The flight, lasting 10hrs, makes it the longest one we will have to take on our journey.

From Miami we will board an 8hr flight to Brasilia national airport. Brasilia is Brazil’s capital city and although we won’t be able to see the sights on our long trip, when we touch down it will be in the excitement knowing we have reached our destination country.

The next two legs of the journey see us flying from Brasilia to Rio Branco (3hrs) and from Rio Branco to Cruzeiro do Sul (2hrs). At this point in our journey we will be staying in a hotel overnight to get all the final essentials sorted. This will be the last time we see a working bathroom until we are back in the UK.

After our overnight in Cruzeiro do Sul, we will be travelling by car for 3hrs through think rainforest to a town called Sao Vicente where we will meet members of the Yawanawá tribe to take us on the final part of our journey.

The most daunting and exciting part of our trip is this last one. Here we will be taking canoes, driven by tribal people, up the Rio Gregorio to Mutum village where the Yawanawá tribe lives. This canoe journey will last 7hrs.

Once we have arrived in Mutum, we will be living amongst the tribe for 8 days, doing music and art, answering questions from all around the world, and documenting our findings.

Send your questions to us whilst we are travelling by clicking here. Your family, children and school can interact and ‘travel’ with us. We will answer in our blog posts.

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