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Person of the Forest

These are the paintings that artist John Dyer completed in Borneo with the Penan tribe in Mulu and with the Orangutan Foundation in the Lamandau Wildlife reserve in the south of Borneo.

This is what we created in Borneo...

Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 21.49.16.png

Now it's your turn...

Encourage your children to make an exceptional piece of art inspired by Borneo, something they will be proud of and they can exhibit at home on the wall or fridge door for years and to the world to bear witness to what we all stand to lose on the

This process will help to create a love for the subject and we hope the children will choose to tread gently on our planet as they grow older once they have a personal link to Borneo, the Penan tribe and the amazing orangutans.


Will they really want palm oil in their supermarket products once they have bonded to baby orangutan Mona?

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