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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Teachers - your class can join us on our new rainforest themed Zoom webinars.

Starting on Wednesday 24th March at 1.30pm UK time, Born Free will be hosting a free webinar for school children and home educators with me (John Dyer) and we are talking rainforests, art and Last Chance to Paint. We have three webinars already planned and your input will help to shape these.

For the first webinar I will be taking questions from your children, the Born Free education team will be hosting and taking questions. I will be creating art on an iPad that we can broadcast full screen to you and showing my working process, the same process I use when using paint. This is a faster way to work in the webinar as we don't have the luxury of drying time. In future webinars I will plan to paint too - but we would love your input on this in the Q&A.

This is your chance to enable your class to ask me questions about my adventures and the amazing places I have painted in. We are talking rainforests, tribes, climate change and creativity. Its going to be fun!

You can register your class for their free place now on this link.

See you soon!


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