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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Musical magic and commonality between peoples

We are super busy with all the final preparations for the adventure to the Amazon rainforest and the first chapter of ‘Last Chance to Paint’ which is the Procreate sponsored ‘Spirit of the Rainforest 2’ chapter.

We are testing the online technology today and I want to apologise for all the alerts you will have received. We are trying to squash a few bugs in the system and the only way now to achieve that is by going ‘live’.

Robin Hanbury-Tenison, the 20c greatest explorer and champion of tribal culture, human rights and the environment, is joining us in the Amazon which is really exciting. Robin is a great friend of mine and a huge supporter of ‘Last Chance to Paint’. Robin was talking to me yesterday (via email) and mentioned a magical moment in the film The Mission which Survival International (which Robin founded 50 years ago) helped with. In the film, Jeremy Irons plays his oboe in the rainforest as members of the tribe emerged from the forest. Robin was reminded of this scene because Martha-Lilly Dyer will be playing her flute to the Yawanawá tribe.

I can imagine no more magical moment (and there will be many) than Martha-Lilly recreating the scene to an admiring group of Yawanawá children!

One of our earlier blog posts details Martha-Lilly’s flute playing as a new piece of flute music has been composed especially for Martha-Lilly to perform which is inspired by one of my Amazon rainforest spirit paintings, Yuxi Yuve, and Robin saw a piece of video of Martha-Lilly practising which is included below for you to watch.

Martha-Lilly will now be playing The Mission theme too I think and recreating a very special moment for Robin (without the instrument snapping we hope!) and showing us the power that music has to bond people together. The commonality we share with tribal people is important and music can help us to realise and build connections with people all around the world.

Enjoy the video and this taster of what Martha-Lilly will be playing in the rainforest for the Yawanawá tribe.


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