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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Join us LIVE from Kenya in Africa

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

We will be live from 27th February to 8th March 2023 with regular Twitter updates, blogs, images and a daily video and Q&A to inspire your children.

Follow us at LastChance.Live for all the updates.

Your school is invited to ‘travel’ with the Last Chance to Paint team to Kenya, Africa, to meet the Maasai tribe. All your children can paint alongside artist John Dyer and exhibit in the World Gallery to highlight what we stand to lose. We have amazing prizes for them too.

Discover extraordinary African animals and the culture of the Maasai tribe. Investigate ecosystems, people, habitats and animals with our superb free teaching resources. This extraordinary live & interactive project will inspire and connect your children to the natural world for life.

Highlights include:

• Meeting and painting with the Maasai tribe.

• Meeting and painting the last two Northern White Rhinos on Earth.

• Meeting and painting wildlife in Amboseli and Meru.

• Experience a Kenyan school run as we walk through the savannah.

• Meet Kenyan schoolchildren and hear their stories.

Get involved in our daily Q&A, send us your questions, and we receive them via satellite and will answer them in our videos and blogs for you - get a name check for your school!

Please let us know if you will follow us live using the form below. You can find complete information, download our AMAZING FREE teaching resources and get ready on the 'Precious Africa' expedition page.

Is your class coming to Africa?

  • 0%Yes, we are planning to follow daily, send questions & paint

  • 0%No, we are not planning to follow.

  • 0%Yes, but we intend to run the project at a later date.

For this expedition, we will have the latest satellite technology to offer a live stream and live Q&A with our team at one point, maybe with the Maasia and maybe in a wildlife situation. The date and time need to be confirmed, but to plan this, can you please answer the following so we can gauge the interest and availability of schools?

Live stream from Africa to your class.

  • 0%Yes, this sounds amazing we can maybe join in!

  • 0%No, we can't join a live stream.

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1 Comment

We have signed up to follow. If we cannot join the live stream will it be recorded so we can follow at a different time?

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