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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Iridium GO!

Today we received an Iridium GO! Satellite unit from Iridium Communications Inc. in the USA. Iridium has generously loaned us the unit to use for our first two chapters of Last Chance To Paint.

We have charged the Iridium unit via solar panel today as a test and it works well.

We have been busily setting the unit up ready to use it in the Amazon on June 5th for receiving questions from schools and families around the world and to update our blog with everything that is happening. Please see the ‘Live’ link on the main menu to find out how you can sign up for updates and to ask questions.

We can also include highly compressed images with our blogs via the Iridium GO! so if they look a bit blurry or small it’s not your eyes!

Twitter is another way we can update you all but this will be text only.

We will also be posting really short blogs with a link to our current location that will link to a map on Iridium so do look out for those as our journey progresses.

This blog has been created and posted by the Iridium satellite network so we can all get used to the results.

There will be more updates soon and thank you for following our adventure.


Send your questions to us whilst we are travelling by clicking here.. Your family, children and school can interact and ‘travel’ with us. We will answer in our blog posts.

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