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“Using the very latest satellite technology, and the power of the internet, your children can ‘travel’ with us on our next expedition, ask us questions and view our videos and blogs ‘live’ on each day of our adventure. They can be part of the action and react as we do. ‘Travel’, Paint, Connect.”


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1: Ask Questions via satellite & be part of the adventure

We update our blog and vlog every day whilst travelling and answer you questions for you. You can be part of the adventure and ‘travel’ with the team. Our Blog is the #1 way we communicate with you all when we are travelling. It allows us to publish text based updates from anywhere in the world via the satellite network.

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Our very latest blog updates

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2: Watch our Daily Vlogs streamed ‘LIVE’

We stream video ‘LIVE’ to Facebook and YouTube via satellite. We beam our video blog via satellite from across the world. Every day, using an iPhone, we shoot video, edit it and then 99% compress it ready for a 5 minute ‘LIVE’ satellite broadcast. The video quality is rough, but the excitement is huge! On our return we upgrade the video quality, but by subscribing to our YouTube channel you will receive an alert when we go ‘LIVE’ from around the world. Inspire your children, be part of the adventure and watch us answer your questions live.

An example of a 'LIVE' stream via satellite from the rainforest

This video is from day 4 of our ‘Spirit of the Rainforest’ expedition to the Yawanawá tribe in the Amazon rainforest. It was shot, edited, 99% compressed and then broadcast from an iPhone via our satellite mobile unit deep in the Amazon. Everything is kept charged via portable solar panels so we can create one blog update and one video everyday, as long as it’s sunny!

Previously ‘LIVE’ streamed Vlog Playlists

Chapter 1: ‘Spirit fo the Rainforest’ with the Yawanawá tribe in the Amazon

Chapter 2: ‘Person of the Forest’ with the Penan tribe and Orangutans in the Borneo rainforest

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3: Follow & Watch us on Facebook

Receive expedition updates and our daily videos on Facebook too. We also have a Facebook group for educators to join and share their ideas on.

4: Sign up Now

Keep in touch by joining our email list and support Last Chance to Paint now by registering your school/child. Run our existing chapters of the project and be notified when we plan to go live on our next expedition. Be part of our growing community of inspirational teachers and schools.