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For schools, teachers, home educators and parents

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What do we mean by 'live'?

We will try to make ‘Last Chance to Paint – Live’ as immediate and interactive as we can for schools and home educators to follow the story and ask us questions and to ‘travel’ with us on our journey. We want to attempt to give the children a feeling of ‘being in the moment’ and we will use a variety of ways to do this depending on connectivity.

What we are able to achieve will vary depending on the country we are visiting, the time zone we are in, the time zone you are in and the availability of 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or satellite connectivity.

We intend to use the ‘Last Chance to Paint Facebook Group’ to post our communications and to take questions from children via their schools, parents and home educators. This will help us to build a safe community around each project to share and learn together.

You will need to request to join this to be part of the action and we recommend joining well before the project goes live.

Our Facebook group will allow us to moderate carefully the members who ask to join and the comments and questions they ask and to remove members if needed for any reason.

Satellite app systems and live streaming apps are designed to interact with the platform. We may also be able to live stream to YouTube but will not be intending to answer questions on this platform.

At least one or more of the following ways of communicating with us will be available for each of our projects:

  • Short live video broadcasts from our location whilst receiving questions via Facebook. Time zones will mean we will need to plan this carefully. This is only available if we find 3G or wifi connectivity.
  • Uploaded still photographs of John Dyer at work and his paintings, digital drawings and the environment
  • Pre-recorded video we have shot on location and uploaded when we can – that might be on our return
  • Text-based posts and updates on Facebook or our Twitter feed
  • Text-based responses to questions we receive
  • Retrospective video, images and Q&A sessions with schools and home educators about the project that would happen once we return to the UK if we are unable to connect for any reason. This should still be really inspiring.

N.B. FaceBook has a ‘feature’ that plays another unrelated video automatically after our live stream you are watching. 

For Facebook on the desktop, you can turn off auto-play videos in your settings (the next video will still show but then won’t automatically start)

  1. On Facebook, head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and go to Settings > Videos.
  2. Next go to the Auto-Play Videos setting, click the “On” box and change it to “Off.”
We have tried many live streaming platforms but feel FaceBook is the best for this project even though it has a few ‘features’ we could do without.

Live 'Last Chance to Paint' Facebook Stream

When we go live you will be able to watch John Dyer at work and interact with him on our Facebook live-stream.

Watch on YouTube

When artist John Dyer is broadcasting live during his ‘Last Chance to Paint’ adventures you will on some occasions also be able to view the action on the ‘Last Chance To Paint’ YouTube channel and The John Dyer Gallery YouTube channel. To receive an automatic notification when we go live please SUBSCRIBE to the ‘Last Chance to Paint’ YouTube channel and enable notifications by clicking on the bell icon on that page.

Live 'Last Chance to Paint' YouTube Stream

When we go live you will be able to watch John Dyer at work and interact with him on our YouTube live-stream.

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