Support Us To deliver 'Last Chance to Paint' we need your help

How can you help?

To run ‘Last Chance to Paint’ and the wide variety of projects we hope to deliver we need some funding. We plan to run three projects per academic year. We are currently looking for sponsorship and donations to get the first year of projects going. If you believe in a positive future, want to encourage art and thinking and would like to see ‘Last Chance to Paint’ in action creating great art and connections between children and the natural world then please consider donating. Every donation will make a difference. Thank you.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved with the project today. You can really help us by telling people and schools about our project and the plans we have for ‘Last Chance to Paint’. Find out more now and support our dream of connecting thousands of young people to the natural world through art.

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