PRIVACY & GDPR We offer an educational resource connected to art and the environment

Policy update:12/2/2019

We offer an educational resource connected to art and the environment that fits well with the aims and objectives of educational establishments.

We comply with the current legislation for Data Protection from the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK and GDPR.
We adhere to the principals of the Data Protection Act and understand best practice for managing information under GDPR.

We regularly review our processes and keep all data safe.

We will only use your information to contact you with regard to our projects, to invite you to take part in new projects and to keep you informed, via email, of news and exhibitions that we think you will want to know about. This may be connected to artist John Dyer as well as ‘Last Chance to Paint’. For example, if the artist is holding an exhibition of Amazon rainforest paintings we will keep you informed of that.

We never share or sell data or try and sell or offer third party services not connected to our core project and gallery business.

‘Last Chance to Paint’ is a John Dyer Gallery project and adheres to the same strict standards of privacy and GDPR compliance. You can read the gallery privacy policy here.

Online forms

We collect data so that we can communicate with our users in an efficient and responsible way. We only collect the data on our forms that we need to for the delivery of ‘Last Chance to Paint’.

e.g School registration form. We need to have a contact name, an email address, the school name and the country of the school. The school name is important so we can see where our reach is for future funding bids and the country is important so we can work with time zones when delivering live projects. If we find we have the majority of schools in the USA we will adapt the delivery to this. The data we collect is also useful for us when talking to future funders as we can point to this evidence to show we are working with a wide variety of schools and therefore children.

We collect data from our users using two types of online form. Our email registration forms store your data with and/or emails sent from these platforms will have an ‘unsubscribe’ link available in each communication.

When submitting art to the the information you submit is stored on

We only accept data from adults over the age of 18.

We require more detailed information for the form but only ask for the information that is required. We reserve the right to email individuals who submit artwork to us via the form as in many cases we will have questions we will need to ask. The form is not an email subscription form.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our email newsletters and communications you can do this via the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the emails we provide or simply contact us to request removal.

If you wish to see the data you have submitted to us via the submit to the form please contact us and we will provide this to you. We can delete your data on request. We will provide any data requested within 30 days of receiving your request.

Legitimate Interest and company (school) statute

We process data whilst emailing schools to inform them of ‘Last Chance to Paint’ and our communications are balanced with the needs of the schools and our communications will be to do with the ‘Last Chance to Paint’ project and how schools can benefit from our offering. In all cases, a school can simply reply to us to have their email removed or hit an ‘unsubscribe’ link that will be embedded in the email sent to them.