Previous John Dyer Projects 2004 to 2015

Global Harvests

John Dyer has worked as the artist in residence looking at the World’s main staple foods.
For the United Nations ‘Year of Rice’, John painted for the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.
For the United Nations ‘Year of Potato’, John painted in Peru for the International Center for the Potato.
The International Network for Banana and Plantain and the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute asked John to be their artist in residence in Costa Rica painting the smallholder banana harvest, home gardens, and the cacao harvest.

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International Tall Ships

Artist John Dyer has been appointed as the official artist in residence for Sail Training International three times. In 1998, 2008 and 2014. In 2008 and 2014 he not only exhibited his own paintings at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall but engaged children and schools with the Tall Ships regatta through art.

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Spirit of the Rainforest

“In 1989 British artist John Dyer explored the Amazon as a photographer for Thames TV. At that time an Amazonian Indian, Nixiwaka, was a small boy living with his tribe the Yawanawá in the Amazon Rainforest. 26 years later John and Nixiwaka met at the Eden Project. John Dyer’s Amazon experience turned him into an artist and painter and John discovered that one of Nixiwaka’s dreams was to paint.

Then in May 2015 we brought these two creatives together in a unique cultural exchange to create a new exhibition of paintings to inspire a new generation to connect to the rainforest.

They worked together in the largest captive rainforest on the planet at the Eden Project to produce a series of new paintings exploring the Spirit of the Rainforest from the Western and Amazonian cultural perspective.” The Eden Project.

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About Artist John Dyer

John Dyer (born 1968 ) is one of Britain’s leading and best known contemporary painters. John’s environmental work studying the ethnobotanical relationships of plants with the Eden Project has firmly placed his work at the forefront of contemporary art and he is one of the UK’s best known international environmental artists, having worked with leading scientific organisations across the globe.