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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Help us to make 2020 even bigger than 2019 for Last Chance to Paint

Happy New year to you all!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Last Chance to Paint and we really hope you will continue to deliver our first two chapters from the Amazon and Borneo to your classes throughout 2020 and beyond. You can still send us questions from your children and we will happily answer them to make it ‘Live’ for them.

Please send us in all the children’s art you and we inspire for the and the 2020 Art Awards too. We will be announcing the 2019 Art Award winners very soon…

We thought it would be interesting to list what we achieved in 2019 with a few facts and figures.

The year in numbers  (N.B. We started 2019 at 0 in all categories and the project is aimed at schools, so one follower could represent many children as an audience)


  1. 230 Schools Signed up

  2. 16,000 potential children (based on two classes from each school)


  1. 22 Countries represented by those schools

  2. 2 Expeditions funded and successfully delivered to schools with the support of our headline sponsors Procreate and Innova Art and the very kind sponsorship from Steppes Travel & Neville Shulman CBE

  3. Three countries travelled to whilst delivering chapters 1 and 2 of the project


  1. 316 Subscribed to our emails

  2. 129 Subscribed to our ‘Live’ Interactive Blog

  3. 104 Subscribed to our YouTube Channel

  4. 367 Facebook followers

  5. 77 Members in our Facebook Group

  6. 85 Followers on Twitter

  7. 433 Followers on Instagram

  8. 29,000 views of our web site (5419 during our Amazon expedition and 3286 during our Borneo expedition)

  9. 80,000 Instagram views via Procreate social media sharing and more via our working partners and supporters


  1. 340 new pieces of children’s art making a total of 1397 pictures sent in and exhibited on the


  1. Live art and music workshops delivered in – UK, Brazil, Malaysia & Indonesia



  1. 2 new contemporary compositions for flute commissioned and performed for children in the Penan and Yawanawá tribes


  1. Sir Tim Smit KBE – Co-founder of the Eden Project

  2. John Dyer – Artist and founder of Last Chance to Paint

  3. Virgini McKenna OBE – Co-Founder of Born Free

  4. Kate Stephenson – Educational editor National Geographic Kids Magazine

  5. Matilda Gollon – International Marketing Manager for ZAZZLE



We have great plans for 2020 and want to increase our communications with schools so that more children’s art is sent into us and exhibited. There is an urgent need to connect the young generation positively to the issues we all face.

The gallery of children’s art we are building reminds us, and the children who exhibit, to tread gently on our planet and what we all stand to lose. We see art as a key way to build personal and lifelong bonds between children and the natural world.

We look forward to working with you all again in 2020 and can’t wait to get you all painting again soon.

Thank you for all your support.


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