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Updates from the Last Chance to Paint team

Day 3

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hi everyone! We survived our first night in the Rainforest and have now been properly introduced to the Yawanawá people and the village.

As we arrived at night time we weren’t able to film our arrival as we were mainly concentrating on getting our luggage up a sandy bank and finding the way to our accommodation, keeping an eye out for any snakes or spiders in our path.

Our accommodation is fairly basic and consists of a round wooden yurt – slightly raised from the ground – with nothing in it! The Yawanawá people helped us attach our hammocks safety to the beams and reassured us that the MANY huge spiders in the thatched ceiling wouldn’t bother us! We were then shown the bathroom facilities. As expected these were extremely basic and we were advised to do most of our business around the village out in the open as the solo long drop toilet they have can get full of snakes and spiders – especially at night. They told us we could wash in the river or as they would recommend in the open clean water shower they have made.

Then a lovely lady came and welcomed us into her home for an evening meal. We had rice with beans and cooked plantain banana (a savoury banana) which was a very present meal and just what we needed after our 7hrs boat ride.

We snuggled down for bed in our hammocks and discovered – mid way through the night – that the Amazon gets extremely cold! We woke up this morning chilly and to the sound of cockerels – a new phenomenon for us!

We will aim to answer some of the questions we have had sent to us in the next blog or two as we get to know the way of the Yawanawá people better.

Martha-Lilly x

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