Repair the World Connect to climate change issues today with art

Make a creative connection to the world

Make a creative connection to the world

Recreate the ‘Last Chance to Paint’ map and Win a John Dyer Signed Map Print worth £115

Encourage your family, class or school to recreate our ‘Last Chance to Paint’ map on a BIG scale!

Download the John Dyer ‘Last Chance to Paint’ map here, print it and cut it into sections.

We have provided a grid over the image that makes up to 36 pieces, but you can do this project as an individual if you wish, or as a small group by not cutting it up or cutting it into fewer sections. Each member of the class or family can paint/draw/collage a piece of the map.

You can add more information to the map as you go. Climate change issues, drawings of endangered plants, animals and people. More information or country names. It’s up to you, it becomes your map and your response to some of the issues facing our planet. You might theme it on birds, or plants, insects, cities that might flood, or follow John Dyer’s map as closely as you can. Have fun!

Once all 36 pieces have been recreated on larger pieces of paper the class can literally put the planet back together and repair the world!

The project will make a wonderful talking point for children as they explore and put the world back together through art.

We have 3 signed John Dyer limited edition prints to give out for the best ones we see in this category, so please take some great photos of the results and email them in so we can publish them in our ‘Repair the World’ art gallery.

Images of your final artwork should be in .jpg format, sharp, high resolution, cropped nicely, have great colour and have the title and information you wish to share as the file name. e.g Class 4 Forest School. jpg

We will also share all the best responses on our social mediaso keep a lookout, you might see your creation being shared with the world! #lastchancetopaint

The winners will be announced in the new year and we will post every map that is created on the gallery for the world to see. T&C apply.

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