About us Aims, governance, finances

Founded by artist John Dyer, ‘Last Chance to Paint’ is a non-political not for profit project. The project champions tribal culture, biodiversity, wildlife and ethnobotany through creativity.

To raise positive awareness of environmental issues by engagement in the arts to create deep personal connections to the natural world, tribal groups and culture in school-aged children around the world.

‘Last Chance to Paint’, inspiring children to connect to the natural world and tribal culture through art & music, making children aware of what we stand to lose. ‘Travel’ with artist John Dyer as he paints endangered ecosystems & people around the world. We will celebrate the children’s art in our online World Gallery. An optimistic project aiming to build real bonds, knowledge, respect and love between children and the natural world using the universal language and power of the arts.

Where we are able to, the project will enable tribal people to paint their environment, story and represent their culture through their eyes and traditions by providing art materials and the resulting paintings will be used to inspire children from around the world to connect to tribal culture and the environment.
We aim to build the largest online art gallery of children’s art inspired by the environment in the world.


John Dyer and Joanne Short manage ‘Last Chance to Paint’ as a project that is part of The John Dyer Gallery but run as a discrete not for profit project.


Robin Hanbury-Tenison OBE – Explorer and expert in tribal culture
Martha-Lilly Dyer – Musician and educator
David Ashe – Learning scientist


Organisations we are working with:
The above organisations provide ‘Last Chance to Paint’ with expert advice on animals, ethnobotany, educational expertise through their education departments and channels for us to reach our target audience. They do not financially support the project or necessarily endorse each other but share our vision and educational values.


A business bank account is maintained on behalf of ‘Last Chance to Paint’ which is operated by John Dyer and Joanne Short.
All monies raised on behalf of ‘Last Chance to Paint’ are used solely for the aims of the project and to facilitate the project which is a not for profit.